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EM Oils

Waste Oil Collection and Cooking Oil Supply Service.

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EM Oils

We are a registered waste carrier for your used cooking oil and fats, providing specialist services for collection, disposal, and recycling of waste vegetable oil.

Our waste cooking oil collection service includes vegetable oil, rapeseed oil, sunflower oil and hard fats. We can also supply your business with a range of vegetable and cooking oils if you wish.

Supply and collection service for restaurants, pubs, chip shops, takeaways, mobile caterers, care homes, hospitals and food manufacturing companies.

By choosing EM Oils for your oil disposal services, you will receive a payment for your used oil.

The oil collected will be converted into biodiesel. You will find more details of our oil collection services and other information on the site.


All the used cooking oil we collect will be recycled to produce biodiesel. By using EM Oils for your oil disposal services, you will increase the environmental credentials of your establishment or company.

registered waste carrier

Service Overview

Cooking Oil Recycling

waste carrier
  • We collect waste oils and fats
  • We provide a FREE collection service
  • We also supply fresh cooking oil


Q: Do i have buy oil off you to be eligible for the rebate on the waste oil?

A: No. we understand you want to make your business as profitable as possible and therefore will source oil from who ever gives you the best price or service.

Q: Can i send my waste oil back in the oil tins i bought the oil in?

A: Yes, but we do ask that they are sealed. This reduces the risk of spillage.

Q: What type of used cooking oil do you collect?

A: We collect most types of used cooking oil and fats for recycling, including vegetable oils, rapeseed oil, sunflower oil, and hard fats.

Q: What areas of the country do you cover?

A: We have customers throughout the UK including Leicester, Nottingham, Derby, Coventry, Worcester, Birmingham, and Northampton as well as London, Yorkshire, Essex and Lincolnshire.

Q: Why is biodiesel better for the environment?

A: Biodiesel is a carbon neutral fuel. When it is burnt is does not add any new carbon dioxide to the atmosphere.